TV CAMPBELL LIVE: Residents Meeting (3:22m)

In a remarkable about-face in New Plymouth’s dioxin debate, advisers to the Ministry of Health have admitted the most significant exposure to the deadly dioxin contaminant was pre-1970.

That means some people’s exposure to dioxin is far higher than previously put forward by the Ministry.

Residents and former residents who lived under the plume of the Ivan Watkins Dow chemical factory in New Plymouth learnt of the new information at a heated public meeting last night.

It was in October last year that the TV3 documentary ‘Let Us Spray’ first claimed there were flaws and data was misrepresented in a Ministry of Health-commissioned blood serum study. 02/Nov/2006 & 26 Jul 2007

New Plymouth Residents Meeting re Dioxin Exposure {Campbell Live}



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