NZ Gov: Nothings Changed

“Delay and deny until you die”

These Paritutu people, many of whom worked in and around the IWD plant or were exposed through spraying, want answers and they want help. Dow Chemical, predictably, refuses to accept any responsibility or offer any help.
At the moment, as in Bhopal and in banana growing regions around the world, where thousands of this company’s victims are sick and in desperate need, the policy of the company and its allies in government is simply “delay and deny until you die.”

mug~ Gerstacker {CEO DOW}CEO Carl A. Gerstacker, chairman of the Dow Chemical Company from 1960 to 1976 had a dream and expressed the libertarian thread of transnationalism when he declared:

I have long dreamed of buying an island owned by no nation and of establishing the World Headquarters of the Dow Company on the truly neutral ground of such an island, beholden to no nation or society.”  

Question: did he find just that island and did not have to pay for it they paid him.
Thanks to NZ Gov 1974: ACC 
Dow Hit the Jackpot!!

The accident compensation scheme came into operation on 1 April 1974 under the administration of the newly established Accident Compensation Commission (ACC). The Accident Compensation Act 1972, and the 1973 Amendment to that Act, defined ACC’s operation.
CEO Carl A. Gerstacker Dream came true: 

No Liability to DOW” 

all compensation claims had to be processed via ACC.

No longer could an individual seek restitution and compensation via the civil courts in New Zealand.
DOW became bullet proof in NZ Courts…


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