Dioxin testing Std in NZ {GC-HRMS AND CALUX™}

A Comparative Study of GC-HRMS and CALUX™ TEQ Determinations in Food Samples 

by the Belgian Federal Ministries of Public Health and Agriculture. 

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GC-HRMS: Gas Chromatography/High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

CALUX™Chemical Activated Luciferase gene eXpression

Biologically based systems of analysis for TEQ determination of contamination of food and feed have developed to the point that they are useful for risk assessment determinations of the hazards of exposure to this class of environmental contaminants. 

Other investigators have demonstrated the value of reporter gene technology in assessing dioxin and/or PCB contamination and the risk of exposure to this class of environmental contaminants with less stringent parametric correlations.6,7 

The data in this report showed the usefulness of the CALUX™ method as an alternative 
method for GC-HRMS to determine TEQ levels in different matrices. 

It is a rapid and cost effective analytical system to determine planar PCB- and PCDD/PCDF- levels in various food products.  

We showed that a good correlation exists between GC-HRMS data and CALUX™ data and that a minimal amount of false positive results is obtained using the CALUX™ method.  

More data are required to obtain an improved model for predicting GC-HRMS data from CALUX™ results and to study matrix dependent influences. 

New Zealands’ 
Testing Standard Uses 2014 “GC-HRMS”



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