Survey of Taranaki dioxin sites

May 02, 2001

Taranaki Regional Council has completed a survey of possible toxic dump sites around New Plymouth and has made nine new discoveries.

More than $50,000 is being spent investigating alleged chemical dump sites around the region and the council is now moving to the second phase of an inquiry into the dioxin scare.

It is adopting a report which identifies and commits to testing more than 30 alleged dumps. And there is also a call for urgent soil testing around the DOW Agrisciences plant.

The council plans to use ground penetrating radar to find the buried dumps. It has pinpointed 31 sites for further testing – many of which have been tested before.

Officials are looking for traces of the carcinogenic chemical dioxin. The results from testing are not due back until September.

Dioxin was a by-product of chemical manufacturing at the DOW plant during the 1960s and 1970s.

Drums of waste were reportedly once tipped at now suburban sites and at five different points near the foreshore.

Of the 31 sites now being looked at, nine were previously unknown to the council.

The Health Ministry will soon begin blood tests on about 50 residents near the DOW plant and the council wants Government agencies to carry out soil testing in the area.

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