Residents want dioxin tests for all

March 09, 2005

The residents of a New Plymouth suburb under threat of dioxin poisoning are calling on the government to make special blood tests available to all who want

The call comes on the eve of the release of a final part of a report into the blood tests of a small group of Paritutu residents caught up in the Ivon Watkins Dow
dioxin scare.

Anne Stewart is one of the residents affected.

Stewart and her family moved to Paritutu, near the old Ivon Watkins Dow chemical factory, 38 years ago. She says her family was often affected by discharges from
the company’s incinerator, but they just put up with it.

Stewart was the first person to have her blood taken for tests in 2004 and the interim report in September revealed she had one of the highest levels of dioxin
among the 24 people tested.

She will get her final test results on Thursday, but is concerned for her family.

“I would like my children to actually be checked up. I mean I’ve got a daughter that’s allergic to 43 different things,” Stewart told One News.

Tom Ericson was turned down for blood tests because he was not a long term resident of Paritutu, but he actually worked at the plant. He says he just wants a
test to see if he has dioxin or not.

“If I haven’t good, but if I have I want something done about it,” Ericson says. The dioxin investigation group has long claimed that Paritutu has been seriously
polluted by the plant.

On Thursday an agonising wait for many locals will come to an end when at a closed door meeting they will all get to hear the test results before they are made

March 09, 2005  | One News | NEWS-2005-M03-09-001


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