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  1. Please I need help. My husband was a weed sprayer in tenterfield nsw. 1975 1982. He used 245t 24d. He died at 56 8.4.2005. Past 9 years I’ve had a death benefit claim with a firm in sydney .it was going nowhere i was advised to find another lawyer. I did he said he would take over conduct of my case a month later changed his mind. I then saw a local lawyer here in lismore he virtually said said same. I should find someone with more resources. So now nearly 10years 3 hearings I have nobody to represent me. Iv seen kerry obriens report and researched much myself. I would appreciate a reply. I was widowed at 50 and have struggled financially ever since. I have much correspondence from my first lawyer and the Arbitrators. Even the arbitrators and the Professor on the other side agreed in many paragraphs that the toxicities in his body no protection the clorachne diabetes mellutus type 2 cardiomyopathy and more certainly was the coarse of his premature death. I feel iv been treated very badly. Iv rang law society and was given many names of lawyers. When I ring they decline. Thankyou

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