Muscular Dystrophy to be added to the Agent Orange Registry

I served in the United States Marine Corps from 1966 through 1969. Stationed in Northern section of South Vietnam in the Quang Tri Province from 1968 to 1969. I was with The 3rd Marine Division. First Battalion. Fourth Regiment. Company D. Delta 1/4. I started out in 60 mortars as an ammo humper ( carrier). Than assistant A-Gunner. Finally a Right Guide responsible for the ordering of supplies for my Unit or Section.

All during this I was exposed to Agent Orange and didn’t even know it. Plus I and probably some of us weren’t told about it either. I drank the water from the streams when it wasn’t flown in to us.

By being exposed to Agent Orange it caused my muscles to become weak especially my girdle muscles.

These are the muscles that control your arms and legs. On top of that I have Peripheral Neuropathy along edema and drop feet, and in a motorized power-chair .

I have been trying to get the Veterans Affairs Department to Grant me Service Connections Compensation as being caused by aggravation due to be exposed to Agent Orange. I went in whole and came out in pieces and the VA Affairs and the Department of Defense does not want to give my just reward for exposure to Agent Orange. I cannot really enjoy my son or my family because I am constantly battling with the Veterans Affairs Department and they are always rehashing the same old message never looking at new evidence.

So I am petitioning those that are in authority to add or include Muscular Dystrophy as being caused by aggravation due to exposure to Agent Orange to the Agent Orange Registry.

The U.S House and Senate has the authority to make this petition win. They can pass a bill, send it to the President for their signature. The Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to would then include Muscular Dystrophy to the Agent Orange Registry. If I lose I will start another petition. I will not and I shall not until I have achieved victory for others who are going through the same ordeal as me.

This is not only for alone but also for the countless others who are going through the same ordeal. This is for them as well.

Barry W Jones Sr Detroit, MI | Source:

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