Radio: Ministry says New Plymouth defects could be dioxin

The health ministry study compares defects recorded in New Plymouth four decades ago with results from other hospitals. From Checkpoint on 10 Nov 2010 Updated at 10:57 pm on 24 June 2013

Radio: Campaigners say dioxin error puts only 1960s residents at risk

A dioxin campaigner says new information shows only residents who lived near a New Plymouth chemical plant before 1969 had significant dioxin exposure. From Morning Report on 27 May 2010 mnr-20100527-0844-Campaigners_say_dioxin_error_puts_only_1960s_residents_at_risk-048-2015-08-03-05-17-13-634

Radio: More toxic chemicals in park than earlier admitted

More toxic chemicals than officials previously admitted were unearthed in a playground in in Marfell Park, New Plymouth, last month. (AUDIO) From News, Updated at 8:47 am on 24 June 2009 mnr-20090624-0752-More_poisons_have_been_found_in_New_Plymouth_dioxin_drums-048-2015-08-03-05-09-21-641