EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific]

Section 1.0 What is dioxin?

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] Dioxins and furans are some of the most toxic chemicals known to science. A draft report released for public comment in September 1994 by the US Environmental Protection Agency clearly describes dioxin as a serious public health… Continue Reading


Section 2.0: Does dioxin cause cancer?

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] Yes. The EPA report[*fn01/*pdf01{55mb}] confirmed that dioxin is a cancer hazard to people. In 1997, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)*fn02 — part of the World Health Organization — published their research into dioxins and furans*pdf02{50kb} and announced on February 14,… Continue Reading


Section 3.0: Health Effects

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] What other health problems are linked to dioxin exposure? In addition to cancer, exposure to dioxin can also cause severe reproductive and developmental problems (at levels 100 times lower than those associated with its cancer causing effects).… Continue Reading


Section 4.0 How are we exposed to dioxin?

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] The major sources of dioxin are in our diet. Since dioxin is fat-soluble, it bio-accumulates*def01, climbing up the food chain.   A North American eating a typical North American diet will receive 93% of their dioxin exposure from… Continue Reading


Section 5.0: Dioxin Reassessment Report

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] UNDER CONSTRUCTION 05 APRIL 2014 EPA’s Dioxin Reassessment Report and Related Government Documents Where Dioxin Comes From: An Inventory of Sources and Environmental Releases of Dioxin-Like Compounds in the U.S. for the Years 1987, 1995, and 2000 (#EPA/600/P-03/002F,… Continue Reading


Section 6.0 Dioxin Related Links

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific]  UNDER CONSTRUCTION 05 APRIL 2014 Links Good Overviews of Dioxin What is Dioxin? (Center for Health, Environment and Justice factsheet) World Health Organization Factsheet: Dioxins and their effects on human health Toxic Alert: Dioxin Health Effects of Dioxins… Continue Reading


Section 7.0 Environmental Research Foundation’s

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] UNDER CONSTRUCTION 05 APRIL 2014 Dioxin & Incineration #326 Carol Browner’s Opportunity [Jacksonville] #325 Troubles Engulf Hazardous Waste Incineration #314 Cement And Kiln Dust Contain Dioxins #312 EPA Memo Says All Hazardous Waste Incinerators Fail To Meet… Continue Reading


Section 8.0 Dioxin-Related Email Lists / Archives

EJNET.ORG (DIOXIN) [Scientific] UNDER CONSTRUCTION 05 APRIL 2014 Dioxin-Related Email Lists / Archives Ban Toxics List: Ban Toxics List Archives (to subscribe, send a blank email to: ban-toxics-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) There used to be an email list called “dioxin-l” which no longer exists, but its… Continue Reading


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