NZ Herald List 2004   | Sept 9, 2004

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Dioxin can cause cancer and has been linked to reproductive failure and birth defects.

It is a by product of making trichlorophenol, one of the chemicals used in the weedkiller 2,4,5-T.

September 9, 2004
Ministry of Health:
Interim dioxin report, New Plymouth [PDF 33p 421KB]

Ministry of Health:

Questions and answers about dioxin

September 2002

Ministry for the Environment:

Dioxin Concentrations in Residential Soil, Paritu, New Plymouth

October 2001

Ministry for the Environment:

Action Plan for Reducing Discharges of Dioxin to Air
[PDF 71p 1.04MB]

March 2000

Ministry for the Environment:

Inventory of Dioxin Emissions to Air, Land and Water, and Reservoir Sources [PDF 192p 866KB] NEW ZEALAND WEBSITES

Dow Chemical Company: Dioxin in New Plymouth

Environmental Risk Management Authority

Food Safety Authority: Dioxin

Greenpeace NZ: Dioxin

Ministry of Health: Dioxin

Soil and Health Association: Dioxin

Chlorine Chemistry Council: Dioxin Facts

US Dept of Agriculture: Dioxin

Dioxin conferences:


2003 (Boston)

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